Reach-In Closets

Create an Organized Closet for Kid’s Bedrooms with CT Closet

Reach-in closets in children’s bedrooms require versatile storage that grows along with your children – from carefree toddlers to active teens. CT Closet designs custom kids closets specific to their needs and lifestyles, helping instill good organizational habits.

children's closet storage

Custom Reach-in Closets

To encourage younger kids to put everything in its place, we include child-friendly features like:

  • Cubby shelves for small bins and toy boxes
  • Durable drawers and bins for socks, PJs, t-shirts, and pants
  • Low clothing rods installed at “kid heights” provide easier access
  • Hooks low on walls for backpacks and robes
  • Baskets to corral hobby supplies, craft items, electronics

Adjustable components accommodate a variety of ceiling heights and allow your child’s closet to grow with them. Sturdy components withstand young kids’ roughhousing and exploration.

Reach-in Closet Design

For teens and young adults, pursue more sophisticated styles like:

  • Specialty racks for accessories like belts, ties and scarves
  • Mid-height to full-height reach-in closets with full door and trim
  • Matching racks and valet rods for assembling outfits, sports uniforms, and formals
  • Drawers for folded graphic tees, gym clothes, jeans, socks
  • Shelves for displaying handbags, hats, trophies, and décor

Locking drawers keep jewelry, personal documents, and valuable electronics secure. Doors hide busy clothes storage and keep their space tidy. Matching hardware can coordinate with bedroom décor.

Reach-in kids closets with versatile storage also benefit teens using the space as:

  • a designated hobby nook
  • an at-home office or study area
  • a dresser alternative

At CT Closet, our experienced designers understand rapidly growing children. We create closets tailored for every stage that flexibly change over time – just like your kids. Contact us today for a free consultation.


“Maggie and Jeff, A tremendous thank you for the excellent closet results.  Much bigger job than I could have imagined.  Kids couldn’t wait to organize their new spaces.  Me on the other hand, I’ll save it for when we’re snowed in this weekend.  Thanks again.  It was a pleasure working with you both. ”

- Best, Kaye

“I absolutely love them!  What an amazing job and done in 2 days—so impressive!  Thank you so much, you have been a pleasure to work with.  Jeff is such a nice guy and I truly the love the closets.  My favorite is mine of course.  I can’t stop looking at it and can’t wait to put my chandelier and desktop in. ”

- Thank you so very much, Ann

“It is absolutely stunning!  I have been having such a good time putting everything away.  You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this lol.  Thanks for such a gorgeous job and done so beautifully and happening so quickly. ”

- With great gratitude, Joanna

“I went by the house today after the installers were finished and the closets look great.  They got the installation done quickly.  Our contractor is very impressed.  Thank you very much for all of the effort you put into this project to make it work for me.  I enjoyed working with you and felt like you really listened to me, but also used your experience to make the closets the best they could be.  I will definitely recommend you.”

- Thank you, Paul



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