Children’s Closets

Keep your children’s wardrobe and toys where they belong. As your children grow, learning to stay organized becomes integral to building everyday life skills. Adjustability in shelving and hanging space is paramount, as needs change.

Material Options


Melamine is a laminate material with a particle board core. This material is easily cleaned and is scratch and wear resistant.

Colors: Available in numerous colors and finishes.


This decorative, textured melamine is made with a PBC core is made from 100% recycled wood fiber.

Colors: Available in numerous colors and wood grain finishes.

Paintable MDF

Medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, is a manufactured wood product made of wood fiber.

Colors: MDF is left with a raw wood finish ready for painting.

Pre-Finished Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer is a layer of wood over a plywood core.

Colors: Available in maple, cherry, walnut and oak finishes.

Unfinished Wood Veneer

Unfinished wood veneer is a layer of stain or paint grade, unfinished wood over a plywood core.

Colors: Available in a variety of woods and ready for staining or painting.


VIVA, a High-Pressure Laminate, offers the look and feel of authentic wood with its unique texture, color and woodgrain structure.

Colors: Available in 6 colors.

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