Walk-In Closets

Luxurious Custom Walk-In Closets for Your Master Bedroom Suite

Your master bedroom is your personal sanctuary within your home. Completing this private retreat is a spacious, well-organized walk-in or reach-in closet that provides a place for everything you need to store. At CT Closet, we design stunning custom closets for master bedrooms, creating organized spaces tailored specifically for you.

Walk-In Closet Installation

For walk-in closets, we help plan the layout that best suits your storage needs and preferences. Different zones accommodate all your clothing, shoes, accessories, linens, and personal items. Features like drawers, shelves, hanging rods, tie and belt racks, and pull-out trays ensure everything has a dedicated spot. Center island dressers, built-in vanities and mirrored panels transform your walk-in closet into a truly functional and fabulous dressing room.

Reach-in closets maximize every inch of available space. Drawers built right into the closet system store folded clothes, while rows of hanging rods accommodate anything from dresses to suits. Adjustable shelves neatly stack sweaters, purses, hats, and other items. Shoe cubbies can be customized for vertical or horizontal storage.

Custom Designed Closets

Both walk-in and reach-in closets benefit from customized components like:

  • Retractable valet rods
  • Pull-out tie and belt racks
  • Built-in jewelry drawers that are lockable
  • Mirrors, lighting, and glass doors
  • Pull-out pant racks and sweater shelves
  • Adjustable drawers and shelves
  • Tilt-out hampers for laundry
  • Shelves, cubbies, and racks for shoes

We utilize durable cabinetry and fixtures designed to stand up to everyday use. Solid wood construction provides timeless beauty, while laminates offer sleek, contemporary style. Adjustable shelves and modular components allow you to reconfigure your closet down the road as needed.

Custom Walk-in Closets

At CT Closet, we make the most of the space you have. Our experienced designers can solve common closet problems like wasted space, cluttered piles, and disorganization. A few upgrades create a luxurious closet worthy of any master suite:

  • Drawers built into unused floor space for folded clothes and undergarments
  • Double hanging rods to double your hanging capacity
  • Pull-out baskets under fixed shelves to neatly store purses, shoes, or accessories
  • Cubby shelves to stack sweaters and casual folded clothes
  • “Dump zones” inside the door to toss items when changing

With a custom closet from CT Closet, you’ll love getting ready every morning surrounded by beautiful, efficient storage. Contact us today to schedule a consultation – we provide free in-home design services and expert advice. Together we’ll create your dream closet sanctuary.


“Maggie and Jeff, A tremendous thank you for the excellent closet results.  Much bigger job than I could have imagined.  Kids couldn’t wait to organize their new spaces.  Me on the other hand, I’ll save it for when we’re snowed in this weekend.  Thanks again.  It was a pleasure working with you both. ”

- Best, Kaye

“I absolutely love them!  What an amazing job and done in 2 days—so impressive!  Thank you so much, you have been a pleasure to work with.  Jeff is such a nice guy and I truly the love the closets.  My favorite is mine of course.  I can’t stop looking at it and can’t wait to put my chandelier and desktop in. ”

- Thank you so very much, Ann

“It is absolutely stunning!  I have been having such a good time putting everything away.  You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this lol.  Thanks for such a gorgeous job and done so beautifully and happening so quickly. ”

- With great gratitude, Joanna

“I went by the house today after the installers were finished and the closets look great.  They got the installation done quickly.  Our contractor is very impressed.  Thank you very much for all of the effort you put into this project to make it work for me.  I enjoyed working with you and felt like you really listened to me, but also used your experience to make the closets the best they could be.  I will definitely recommend you.”

- Thank you, Paul



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