Garage Storage

Custom Storage Solutions for the Organized Garage

For many homeowners, the garage becomes a chaotic catch-all for everything from tools and sporting goods to seasonal decorations and gardening equipment. At CT Closet, we create customized garage storage solutions to help you take back this valuable space and transform it into an organized workshop and storage haven.

Clean and Organized Garage

Utilizing durable cabinetry and high-quality shelving units, we design garage storage to suit your specific needs. Floor-to-ceiling shelving and overhead racks safely store awkwardly shaped items up and out of the way. We include features like handy pull-out drawers, slatwall for hanging tools, and adjustable shelving to maximize space. Locking cabinets keep dangerous chemicals, flammable liquids, and valuables secure.

Bring easy order to all your sports equipment, outdoor gear, and seasonal items with our storage solutions built for the garage’s demands. Floor racks safely store long or awkward items like ladders, surfboards, kayaks, and lumber. Enclosed cabinets protect patio furniture cushions, holiday decorations, and other items from dust and pests when not in use.

Custom Garage Storage Solutions

For workshop storage, we offer a range of options including slatwall, cabinets, bins, and shelving to neatly organize every type of tool, hardware, and accessory. Wall-mounted slatwall with accessory hooks, hangers, baskets, shelves and bins bring screwdrivers, wrenches, nail guns, and more within easy access when working on projects.

Keep your garage clean and free of messy clutter with contained trash and recycling bins. Wall-mounted drop zones give you a place to quickly shed EDC items like keys, sunglasses, or phones when entering from the garage. Storage cabinets for hazardous waste make it easy to safely dispose of chemicals, batteries, and more.

CT Closet garage storage solutions not only help you neatly organize all your garage contents, but also make the most of your existing space. We utilize wall space efficiently with floor-to-ceiling shelving and racks. Thoughtful space planning allows room for storage and still leaves space for parking vehicles and getting around comfortably.

Durable construction and high-quality handles and pulls in powder-coated and stainless steel stand up to years of heavy use, temperature fluctuations, and humidity. We use heavy-duty hardware designed to bear weight and accessibility in mind. Thoughtful details like lighting, adjustable shelving, and easy-open drawers make our garage storage both functional and user-friendly.

Stop using your garage as a disorderly dumping ground and reclaim it as a clean, organized workspace with CT Closet customized storage. Contact us today for a consultation.


“Maggie and Jeff, A tremendous thank you for the excellent closet results.  Much bigger job than I could have imagined.  Kids couldn’t wait to organize their new spaces.  Me on the other hand, I’ll save it for when we’re snowed in this weekend.  Thanks again.  It was a pleasure working with you both. ”

- Best, Kaye

“I absolutely love them!  What an amazing job and done in 2 days—so impressive!  Thank you so much, you have been a pleasure to work with.  Jeff is such a nice guy and I truly the love the closets.  My favorite is mine of course.  I can’t stop looking at it and can’t wait to put my chandelier and desktop in. ”

- Thank you so very much, Ann

“It is absolutely stunning!  I have been having such a good time putting everything away.  You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this lol.  Thanks for such a gorgeous job and done so beautifully and happening so quickly. ”

- With great gratitude, Joanna

“I went by the house today after the installers were finished and the closets look great.  They got the installation done quickly.  Our contractor is very impressed.  Thank you very much for all of the effort you put into this project to make it work for me.  I enjoyed working with you and felt like you really listened to me, but also used your experience to make the closets the best they could be.  I will definitely recommend you.”

- Thank you, Paul



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